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Daniel Munoz Rey

Daniel Munoz Rey

Bit of History

I have a degree in Information Technology (IT) by the University of Malaga (Spain). My first job was working as an industrial designer creating 3D cordless phones and payphones in Alcatel (Malaga) for Telefonica Spain for 8 years. After that I became a graphic designer, creating magazines, corporate identities, logos, banners, cards, etc, mainly for Skål International which headquarters is in Torremolinos (Malaga) for 10 years. In 2004 I moved to London, where, first I became a front-end web designer and later a back-end web developer, creating full websites from scratch including the graphics, front-end and back-end, working for companies like IT Soho, Vonsung Visual, Incisive Media, Mercer Design and Crystal Interactive. Currently I am freelancing.

In a Nutshell

I am a full stack web developer, that is, I can create complete websites from scratch including the graphics, the front end and the back end. My main expertise is front end development with a strong graphic design background and medium exposure to back end, specialising in creating responsive websites for different devices.

I love programming but also anything related with design so I consider myself a web designer and developer with a strong graphic design background. I am very good with graphics (images and vectors), creating responsive Front-end web interfaces from scratch, can also create the Back-end and I am good at programming, learning and researching solutions. I use hand coding and my code is clean and well structured. My last role involved creating Web Apps for the event industry whereby I have specialised in creating responsive code for different devices. I am passionate about my work and thrive when working on challenging projects. I am an eager self-taught at heart.

Curriculum Vitae

Academic information

  • Degree: Information Technology (University of Malaga, Spain) Grade/Mark: Notable, 1984 - 1989
  • End of Degree Course Project: Conic Perspective for AutoCad (in AutoLisp Language) Grade/Mark: Honors Graduate, 1990


  • HTML, CSS, Hand-coding  (clean, semantic, standard, from scratch), Image optimisation, SEO best practices: since 2004
  • Exposure to JS, JQuery: since 2009
  • Back end exposure to PHP and MySQL for CMS: since 2010
  • Wordpress implementation and integration creating new theme: since 2011
  • Exposure to JQuery Mobile, Frameworks, SASS, AJAX:  since 2012
  • Mobile first, Progressive enhancement, Responsive web design, Performance, Usability/Accessibility, SMACSS: since 2013
  • Bootstrap framework implementation and theme creation: since 2014
  • Software: Dreamweaver, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Flash, CorelDraw, AutoCad (2D/3D), 3DStudio

Professional experience

  • FREELANCE London: Web Developer (2014 May)
  • CRYSTAL INTERACTIVE London: Web App Designer (2013 May / 1 year)
  • MERCER DESIGN London: Web Designer and Developer (2011 March / 2 years)
  • FREELANCE London: Web Designer working from home or part time (2009 October / 1.5 years)
  • INCISIVE MEDIA London: Part of the Web Design Team (2008 February / 2 years)
  • VONSUNG VISUAL London: Corporate Identity & Web Designer (2006 October / 1.5 years)
  • IT SOHO London: Corporate Identity & Web Designer (2006 February / 3 months)
  • SKÅL INTERNATIONAL Spain: Magazines, Corporate Identity & Web Designer (1998 February / 8 years)
  • ALCATEL Spain: Assembly Programmer of DECT Telephones (1996 October / 1.5 years) + Administrator of Systems Catia (UNIX), (1993 January / 2.5 years) + Industrial Designer of Telephones, Planes, Mock-ups, Prototypes, Patents, 3D Animation (1989 October / 3.5 years) + University of Malaga Grant, End of Degree Course Project: Conic Perspective for AutoCad (1989 January / 9 months) > (Total: 8 years)
  • IT TEACHER Spain: Generic computing, MSDOS, Windows and PC Admin & programmer in DBASE III (1988 Apr. / 1 year)

I Love

Apart for programming, another of my passions is anything related to Science, mainly Astronomy (not astrology), Physics and Mathematics. I love numbers, equations and calculations... And I love Art, so I love Fractals and Tessellations and of course, Escher.

MC Escher Metamorphosis III
MC Escher Metamorphosis III