Website Creation Process in detail

The Manifest

My main purpose when I create your website is to make you happy, and for that I understand that you want to:

1. Connect possible clients to your business through your website, and for this to happen your visitors need to:

  • Find your website easily > So I make your website as visible as possible to search engines such as Google, using correct SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) on each page
  • Download your website quickly > So I make your website fast to download by creating small files, optimising images, reducing the number of files and using less plugins
  • See your website correctly in their devices > So I make your website to show correctly in all devices: Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Mobiles
  • Use your website easily > So I make your website easy to navigate, easy to interact and accessible, using consistency and correct human usability

2. Manage your website by yourself without my intervention, and for this to happen you need to be able to:

  • Update your website easily > So I use a system called WordPress which is very easy to use, so you can maintain the website using its Admin area very easily
  • Grow your website easily in the future > So I generate a very clean, well structured and standard code for the future web developer

The Website

WordPress: I use a system called WordPress to create your website which is used by more than 50% of websites worldwide, so there is a lot of help out there. I will make sure that you understand and learn all the relevant WordPress features or by helping myself or by giving you online sources.

Admin Area: Wordpress has a built in content management system called Admin area that you can easily use to manage all your website sections:

  • Contents: You can manage the contents (text copy and images) for all your pages, blog posts and blog comments (if you decide to have a blog in your website) and media assets
  • Functionalities: Depending on what you want to achieve with your website, we may need to use some third party WordPress plugins, if so I will try to find them free for you but in some cases we will need to buy them and you will be responsible for this extra cost. You will also need to learn how to use them, although I can help here by pointing you in the right direction
  • Structure and Design: We can use a WordPress theme created by myself OR we can find a third party WordPress theme that has all what you want, if so I will try to find this theme free for you but in some cases we will need to buy it and you will be responsible for this extra cost

The Theme

1. My theme: This Theme uses Bootstrap framework and Progressive enhancement (Mobile first) and it is very robust, that is, it works in any scenario, and has been very well tested over time for Google SEO, speed Performance, device Responsiveness and human Usability, also uses a very clean code and has been created to make your updates very easy using the WordPress Admin area. I will make this theme bespoke to meet all your requirements

  • Structure:
    • Header on top (same for all pages):
      • Logo (that acts as link to home page)
      • Navigation (will collapse on mobile devices)
    • Contents in the middle (different for each page)
      • Banner: All pages can have the same banner o different banners or no banners at all
      • Columns (will collapse to 1 column for mobile devices):
        • Left column (wider) for main contents
        • Right column (narrower) for secondary contents
    • Footer at the bottom (same for all pages):
      • Left links to less important pages
      • Right links to socials and web designer
  • Design: The design is minimal because is based on focusing mainly in your contents, that is: banners, images, text and videos. I can change colours, font types, font sizes, backgrounds and images. I will customise this Theme to make it bespoke to meet all your requirements

2. Third party theme: If you want to use a third party Theme, is important that you know this:

  • Changes: Depending on the Theme that you choose I can be quite tied up, so I don’t know how much I will be able to change until I see the Theme
  • Optimisation: I cannot assure the degree of Google SEO, speed Performance, device Responsiveness and human Usability, all depends of the Theme itself

The Process

  • About me: I am good, efficient, responsive, reliable, very organized and fast. I listen to your needs and I am with you during the whole process helping you and focusing in making you and your clients happy
  • About you, the client: I use Agile development in where I involve you, the client, in all the process of: Discover > Plan > Build > Review. There will be times in where you will ask me to do something that goes against my principles (see the first section: The Manifest)… if that happens I will let you know the possible negative costs for Google SEO, speed Performance, device Responsiveness and human Usability, so you can make your own decisions, but ultimately I will do as you say…   : – )
  • The project: I create a robust website that works on all scenarios: devices, platforms and browsers. I follow web standards so your website will be future proof. My job is not finished until you are completely satisfied with the final product. I will always be here in the future if you need me, for minor future changes it will be free of charge.
  • Going live: Once we go live I will test your website in several online services to optimise your website for Google SEO, speed Performance, device Responsiveness and human Usability and I will connect your Website to all Google free services:
    • Google Search Console: Submit and verify your website, Crawl sitemap and robots, Target country
    • Google Analytics: Connect your website to Analytics, Industry category, Test real time feed
    • Google my Business: Create an account to show in the Browser right knowledge panel

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