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Flash Pages

I have created some pages using Flash technology, nowadays due to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and the new devices landscape, Flash is a bit obsolete. I am also testing some ways of converting Flash into HTML.

Design and Flash programming by danielmrey:

Lizzy Drip (live page) Karina (old page)Mauro Cocilio Photographer (live page) 

Design by Vonsung  and Flash programming by danielmrey:

Sofia Urbina (old page) as part of Vonsung Studio Web Team   

Test pages by danielmrey:

DJA Version 05_b (test page) Maria Pia Charlolou (landing page) Vonsung (test page) Skal International (old page) Coordina (test page) DJA Version 07 (test page)  Torremolinos Chic (old page)

3D Test pages by danielmrey:

Blenheim Books (test page) Blenheim Books (test page) Blenheim Books (test page) Teletup (test page) Kabarets (test page)

Converting Flash pages to HTML responsive:

Lizzy Drip (testing)