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Website Creation

I can create a bespoke, professional and affordable website for you that is Google friendly, fast to download, for all devices, easy to use, to update and to grow.

The Website

Web Structure (Sitemap): Pages & subpages

  • Home: first point of contact, visually appealing, introduces your brand, products, or services with images, clear CTA to encourage your visitors to take action
  • About: detailed information about your brand, mission, and values team members, their roles, and photos to personalise your brand
  • Services and Products: showcase your products or services with presentation pictures and detailed information, including pricing, features, and benefits
  • Contact: The contact us page will include your contact information, such as phone number, email, and physical address. We will also include a contact form for visitors to send a message directly from the website.
  • Other pages: Events, Testimonials, Legal, Sitemap…

Page Structure (Templates)

  • Header on top (same for all pages) with:
    • Logo (with link to home)
    • Navigation (will collapse on mobiles)
  • Contents in the middle (different for each page) with:
    • Banner image (or nothing)
    • Main: For main text contents (can have sidebar that will collapse on mobiles)
  • Footer at the bottom (same for all pages):
    • Links to socials and less important pages

Page Components (Functionalities)

  • Contact Forms, Photo Galleries, Blog, Categorization, Youtube Videos, Banner Images, Google Maps, Search facility, Logo Creation, Multi Language, Online Shop, Social Shops, Sitemap…

Page Contents

  • Text copy and Images

Page Design

  • Basic Logo (with a type font and some colours) included
  • Type fonts (easy to read), Colours (aligned to your brand)
  • Simple, attractive, minimalist, clean, modern look and clear layout

The Manipulation

  • Usability / Accessibility: I create your website very easy to use by your visitors following correct human usability and accessibility. Easier to use, navigate and interact-with for your visitors
  • Updatability: I create your website very easily to update by the web editor or the owner of the website.
  • Scalability: I create your website very easily to grow in the future by me or by your future developer


  • I can help you with hosting space, domain name, ssl certificate and brand email


  • WordPress CMS, Bootstrap 5 framework, HTML5, CSS3, standard code, code well structured & hand code. Mobile first (Progressive Enhancement)

Services Included

  • Website Optimisation: This Website Creation service also includes this service: Website Optimisation
  • Website Connections: I will connect your website to social media platforms, to all the Google free services and directly to clients: Website Connections
  • Website Maintenance: This Website Optimisation service also includes this service: Website Maintenance

More Information


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    Please let me know if you need a Basic Logo (based on a font and colour) or a Complex Logo (based on a font, colour and image vector) for your new website:

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