Website Creation

I can create a bespoke, professional and affordable new website for you that is Google friendly, fast to download, for all devices, easy to use, easy to update and easy to grow in the future. When I create your website, my main purpose is connecting clients to your business, to accomplish that, I create your website optimised for:

  • Discoverability: Visitors have to find your website > So I make your website very visible to Google. I will also connect your website to the Google free services.
  • Performance: Visitors have to see your website quickly > So I make your website fast to download. I will also optimise your images for speed.
  • Responsiveness: Visitors have different devices > So I make your website responsive to all devices.
  • Usability: Visitors have to be able to use your website easily > So I make your website easy to use.
  • Updatability: You need to update your website easily > So I create a WordPress theme very easy to use.
  • Scalability: Your developer need to grow your website in the future > So I create a clean and standard code.

Website Creation Enquiry

Please fill this easy form with the information that you know and I will contact you to give you an estimate of price ballpark and time to create your new website:


  • Define your business or project in your own words and what you want to achieve with your new website. You can provide link to websites that you like and/or your competitors websites. Do you need Logo design?:


  • Pages that you need, e.g. Home, About, Services, Shop, Products, Photogallery, Events, Testimonials, Contact...
  • Components that you need in each page, e.g. Text, Images, Contact form, Blog, Map, Calendar, Photogallery, Online Shop... If you require very specific components or functionality please provide links to examples


  • Budget: Roughly how much you would like to spend, I can adapt to your budget by giving you different options
  • Deadline: Roughly when would you like the website to go live?

After sending your Website Creating Enquiry form, you can see the Website Creation Process »