Website Optimisation

If you have a website, I can run some tests and use my own expertise to generate and send you a free report outlining how to improve your website. I will focus mainly in these areas:

  • Discoverability: Traffic from search engines such as Google. I will also check if your website is connected to the Google free services.
  • Performance: Download speed, very important mainly for mobiles.
  • Responsiveness: Visualisation on all devices, specially in mobiles.
  • Usability: Use to navigate and interact by visitors.

Website Optimisation Enquiry

Please fill this form and I will send you a free optimisation report for your website:


  • What are your main concerns with your current website, e.g. Google rank, download speed, mobile friendly...?


  • Please let me know the URL of your website, e.g.

After sending your Website Optimisation Enquiry form, you can see What's next ยป