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I am a web designer and developer specialising in creating complete websites in WordPress that are very visible to Google by being SEO friendly, with high performance for fast downloading, responsive to all devices, easy to use by your visitors, easy to update by your web editor and easy to grow in future by your developer. My main services are Website Creation and Website Optimisation , please feel free to contact me if you have any question and I will be happy to help you.

Recent websites portfolio web

Recent Websites

My recent web projects are complete, bespoke, professional and fully responsive websites.

Online shop websites portfolio web

Online Shop Websites

I have created these websites in WordPress using the Woocommerce plugin and PayPal.

Websites for artists portfolio web

Websites for Artists

I have created websites for artists, painters, singers, musicians, jewellers, entertainment, ceramists and museums.

Websites for wellbeing portfolio web

Wellbeing Websites

I have created websites for counsellors, psychologists, therapists and yoga practitioners.

Websites for contractor portfolio web

Contractor Websites

I have created websites for contractors, engineers, interior design, removals, electricals, demolition and construction.

Websites for entertainment portfolio web

Entertainment Websites

I have created websites for for the entertainment industry, musicians and horse racing.

Desktop mobile arquitectura de melilla

Spanish Websites

I can create websites in different languages and with language switcher, you can see here websites created in Spanish.

Optimised websites portfolio web

Optimised Websites

I can optimise websites for Google traffic, download speed, responsiveness for all devices and human usability.

Previous websites portfolio web

Previous Websites

I have created these websites some time ago and some of them have been taken down by the client.

Old websites portfolio web

Old Websites

I created these websites long time ago, using a bespoke CMS (Content Management System) created by myself.

Flash websites portfolio web

Flash Websites

I have created some pages using Flash technology, nowadays obsolete, due to SEO and the new devices landscape.

Web apps portfolio web

Web Apps

A Web App is simply a website optimised for mobile devices (phones/tablets) that look like a mobile Native App.

Web Services

See all of my services on my Web Services page and check reviews from my clients on my Reviews page:

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