Freelance web designer in SW London

I am an experienced freelance web designer with a strong graphic design background based in SW London, specialising in creating new websites that are bespoke and professional and in optimising existing websites.

Website Optimisation: Free Report

I will run some tests on your existing website and send you a free report to improve traffic to your website:

Website Creation: Special Offer

I can help support your business to adapt and thrive in these exceptional times, through developing your on-line presence by creating a bespoke, professional and affordable new website with:

  • Performance: Google friendly + Fast to download + For all devices + Easy to use, to update and to grow
  • Connected: To Socials (Follow and Share) + To Google services (Search console, Analytics, My business)
  • Manifesto: I will be with you listening to your needs during the process + Complete satisfaction guarantee

Now with special prices on:

  • Basic Website: Several pages with text and images + Contact page with a form = £700
  • Basic Shop: Add a Basic Shop to the Basic Website for £400 more, with a total = £1,100

Do you need a new website? Website Creation

If you need a website but you don’t know how to start, I can help you by giving you an Free estimate: I can create bespoke, professional and affordable websites, with high rank in Google, fast to download, ready for all devices, easy to use, easy to update and future proof.

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Do you already have a website? Website Optimisation

You may have a website but you are not happy with it, I can help you by giving you an Free consultation: I can run some tests on it and send you a free report outlining how to improve traffic to your website, downloading peed, visualisation on all devices and usability for visitors.

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Three websites shown in various devices for responsive purpose

Do you seek a Web developer?

I offer my services to individuals or companies. I can work flexibly and work on site or remotely.

  • My Approach: Bespoke websites, clean standard and semantic hand-coding, mobile first, progressive enhancement, responsive web design, SEO, performance and usability best practices.
  • My Skills: HTML5, Bootstrap, UX/UI, CSS3, SMACSS, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, CMS, WordPress, Image optimisation for web, PhotoShop, Illustrator.

About me

I am a Web developer and a Graphic designer, I have also worked with 3D. I have a degree in IT and currently I am working from home as a web developer creating websites in WordPress using a theme created by myself very well optimised for Google SEO, performance speed and mobile responsiveness.

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