Flash Websites

I have created some pages using Flash technology, nowadays due to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and the new devices landscape, Flash is a bit obsolete. I am also testing some ways of converting Flash into HTML.

Design and Flash programming by danielmrey:

Lizzy Drip (live page)Karina (old page)  Mauro Cocilio Photographer (live page)

Design by Vonsung  and Flash programming by danielmrey:

Sofia Urbina (old page) as part of Vonsung Studio Web Team

Test pages by danielmrey:

DJA Version 05_b (test page)Maria Pia Charlolou (landing page)Vonsung (test page)Skal International (old page)Coordina (test page) DJA Version 07 (test page)Torremolinos Chic (old page)

3D Test pages by danielmrey:

Blenheim Books (test page) Blenheim Books (test page) Blenheim Books (test page)Teletup (test page)Kabarets (test page)

Converting Flash pages to HTML responsive:

Lizzy Drip (Flash to Swift)