Flash Websites

I have created some pages using Flash technology, nowadays obsolete, due to SEO and the new devices landscape. I am also testing some ways of converting Flash into HTML.

Desktop mobile torremolinos chic no responsive flash

Tourism by Torremolinos Chic (Flash)

Desktop mobile skal international no responsive flash

Tourism by Skål International (Flash)

Desktop mobile karina no responsive flash

Singer by Karina (Flash)

Desktop mobile mauro cocilio no responsive

Photograpy by Mauro Cocilio (Flash)

Desktop mobile lizzy drip no responsive

Comedy Impersonator by Lizzy Drip (Flash)

Desktop mobile the magdalen no responsive flash

The Magdalen (Flash)

Desktop mobile sofia urbina no responsive flash

Photography by Sofia Urbina (Flash)

Desktop mobile blenheim books no responsive flash

Books by Blenheim Books (Flash)

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