Old Websites

I created these websites long time ago, using a bespoke CMS (Content Management System) created by myself. I used PHP language and MySQL data bases. Some of the designs were created by third party companies such as Mercer Design and Vonsung Visual and some of the pages have now another design or are down so I will not add the links to these websites. If you need a new website, please visit my Website Creation service page.

Desktop mobile morse du fer no responsive

Entertainment Industry by Morse du Fer

Desktop mobile flying angel no responsive

Entertainment Industry by Flying Angel

Desktop mobile does my bum look big in this no responsive

Entertainment Industry by Does My Bum Look Big…?

Desktop mobile pg theatrical events no responsive

Entertainment Industry by PG Theatrical Events

Desktop mobile rey du fer no responsive

Entertainment Industry by Rey du Fer

Desktop mobile paul du fer tour booking no responsive

Entertainment Industry by Paul du Fer Tour Booking

Desktop mobile clarion wines no responsive

Wines by Clarion Wines

Desktop mobile jon iona wedding no responsive

Wedding by Jon and Iona

Desktop mobile vonsung no responsive

Visual Studio by Vonsung

Desktop mobile a and b vintners no responsive

Vintners by A and B

Desktop mobile logical prospects

Telemarketing by Logical Prospect

Desktop mobile threshold no responsive

Smart Ideas from Psychology by Threshold

Desktop mobile viet hoa no responsive

Restaurant by Viet Hoa

Desktop mobile soho kitchen club

Restaurant by Soho Kitchen club

Desktop mobile agr no responsive

Removals by AGR

Desktop mobile health safeguarding no responsive

Protecting by Health Safeguarding

Desktop mobile premier properties no responsive

Properties by Premier Properties

Desktop mobile asjley phillips state no responsive

Properties by Ashley Phillips Estates

Desktop mobile anita donaldson no responsive

Photography by Anita Donaldson

Desktop mobile appletree tuition no responsive

NPL Course by Appletree Tuition

Desktop mobile jon music no responsive

Music by Jon Iona’s

Desktop mobile naw no responsive

Museum by New Art World

Desktop mobile jeffrey portman no responsive

Millinery by Jeffrey Portman

Desktop mobile on air no responsive

Media Information by Incisive Media On Air

Desktop mobile resultsy no responsive

Marketing by Results

Desktop mobile sam magician no responsive

Magic by Sam

Desktop mobile lsgm


Desktop mobile itsoho no responsive


Desktop mobile enterama no responsive

Horse Race Events by Enterama

Desktop mobile mercer design no responsive

Graphic and Web Design by Mercer Design

Desktop mobile mint diamonds no responsive

Diamonds by Mint Diamonds

Desktop mobile rjm no responsive

Currier by RJM

Desktop mobile excel no responsive

Constructions by Excel Demolition

Desktop mobile cristina benson no responsive

Communications by Cristina Benson

Desktop mobile edcc no responsive

Certificates by EDCC

Desktop mobile maynake no responsive

Cats Exotics by Maynake

Desktop mobile enterpise chaput no responsive

Carpentry by Enterpise Chaput

Desktop mobile pop bakery no responsive

Cakes by Pop Bakery

Desktop mobile andrew connolly no responsive

Art by Andrew Connolly

Desktop mobile my shiny shop new no responsive

Accessories for Babies by My Shiny Shop

Desktop mobile skal international no responsive

Tourism by Skål International

Desktop mobile lr assessments

Assessments by LR

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