COVID-19: I can help support your business in these exceptional times, by creating new websites or optimising exiting ones at affordable prices.

Website Maintenance

Website heath check up, very beneficial for your website. I will fully service the admin area of your website for:

  • SEO: I will do a general check up of your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Google and I will provide you with tips to help generate more traffic to your website.
  • Images: If you’ve added new images I will check and ensure that they are correctly optimised to avoid slowing down your website.
  • Pages: If you have added or removed a page, post or product, or if you have changed the title of any page, post or product, I will make updates accordingly and check for any indexing errors in your Google Sitemap file.
  • Updates: I will update all your plugins and WordPress core, this is good for solving bugs and for security purposes.
  • Backup: I will do a general backup of the text in all pages and of all the images on your website.
  • Security: I will check that your WordPress version 5, your Gutenberg Editor is correctly set up and if your PHP language version is correct for future updates.
  • Expiration: I will check if your domain and hosting products are going to expire soon.
  • Links: I will check that your website does not have broken links.
  • Plugins: I will check all your plugins and will propose the deactivation of plugins that are not being used or are damaging your website performance.