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Website Maintenance

Website health check up, very beneficial for your website. I will fully service the admin area of your website for backups, updates and security among other issues.

  • Backup: I will update or install a plugin to make Backups. Then I will do a general backup of the text in all pages and of all the images on your website. Then I will store the backup in your hosting
  • Updates: I will update all your plugins, themes and WordPress core, this is good for solving bugs and for security purposes
  • Security: I will check your site health in general like if the version of the PHP language is correct for future updates
  • Database: I will clean the website database
  • Expiration: I will check if your domain and hosting products are going to expire soon
  • Links: I will check that your website does not have broken links
  • Plugins: I will check all your plugins and will propose the deactivation of plugins that are not being used or are damaging your website performance
  • Blocks: I will check that the new Gutenberg blocks are not interfering with your admin area by adding plugins for the Editor and for the Widgets
  • Comments: If you have an active Blog I will check which comments need attending and if you need a plugin to avoid spam
  • Forms: I will check that the contact forms work correctly
  • Theme: I will check if your current theme needs a theme upgrade to a more modern version and if this affects Parent/Child theme dependencies

Services Included

  • Emergencies: I will check and solve very other important issues as I do the maintenance
  • Your needs: If you have in mind some identified needs, I would be happy to discuss them with you and add them to this maintenance set of tasks

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