Client Referral Program

20% Discount + 3 Free Services!

If you recommend any of my services to others and this results in a new project between us, the new client will receive 20% discount on the project and you will enter into my Client Referral Program. That means that you will have access to the following 3 Services for free! Just ask the person acting on your recommendation to mention your name when they get in touch with me:

1. Website Optimisation

I will fully check your website and will optimise it for: Discoverability (Google traffic) + Performance (download speed) + Responsiveness (use in mobiles) + Usability (use by visitors) + more…

Website Optimisation »

2. Website Maintenance

I will fully service the admin area of your website for: Google SEO + Images optimisation + Pages indexed in Google + Updates + Backup + Security + Provider expiration + Broken links + Plugins + more…

Website Maintenance »

3. Theme Upgrade

I will upgrade your theme to use the latest technologies to improve: Google SEO Meta information + Sitemap + Logo + Banner + Photogallery + Uploads + Video + Social media + Forms + Framework + more…

Theme Upgrade »