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Google Ads (Pay Per Click)

If you want to get more traffic to your website by appearing higher in Google search results, I can help you to advertise your website using Google Ads.

  • Google Ads is a Pay-Per-Click Advertising system where you select the maximum amount that you are willing to spend per month or per day and for how long, so Google will preferentially show your Ads to the right audience and you will only pay when someone clicks on your Ad and visits your website… Simple and effective!
  • For example: You decide the keywords that you want Google to use to enable your website to be found by your visitors + You decide the text that you want to show in your Ad + You decide to pay a max. of £90 per month + For a couple of months + You decide to pay £0.20 every time somebody click on your Ad = Then Google runs your Ad campaign accordingly and only charges you when somebody clicks on your Ad up to the maximum amount for the set period of time.
  • Track your Ad performance: Monitor your budget, clicks, visitors, sales and more by connecting your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts. Make your campaigns even stronger with information from Google Analytics, like which keywords are getting more traffic to your website.

You may have received an email from Google wherein they have offered you some bonus or discount to use on your first campaign on Google Ads. I can help you make the most of any such offers.

A bit of theory:

  • Campaigns
    • Objective: Leads / Website traffic / Sales / None…
    • Type: Search / Display / Shopping…
    • Results: Website visits / Phone calls…
    • Networks: Search / Display (Adsense)
    • Goals: Can focus on Clicks / Conversions
    • Bid Strategy:
      • If Goal focus on Clicks => Bid Strategy can be:  Maximise Clicks (automated) / Maximum CPC (Cost Per Click) bid limit (manual), ie: £0.70
      • If Goal focus on Conversions => Bid Strategy can be: Maximise Conversions (automated) / Target CPA (Cost Per Action) get as many conversions as possible at this CPA (manual)
    • Daily Budget, ie: £10
  • Ad Groups (Several in each Campaign):
    • Keywords: Match types: Broad / “Phrase” / [Exact]
    • Negative Keywords
    • Types: Standard / Dynamic (dynamically generated Final URL and Headlines Ads) *
  • Ads (Several in each Ad Group):
    • Final URL: Landing Page (dynamically generated for Dynamic Ad Groups) *
    • Headlines: Appear at the top of the Ads (dynamically generated for Dynamic Ad Groups) *
    • Descriptions: Appears below the URL of the Ads
    • Images: For rich, relevant visuals to complement text Ads
    • Sitelinks: Shows additional links in Ads
    • Strength: Indication of the relevance of your Ads
    • Types: Responsive Search / Dynamic Search * / Display…

While running the Ads in your Campaigns:

  • Impressions: Each time an Ad is shown by Google
  • Clicks: Each time someone clicks on an Ad
  • Optimisation Score: Estimate of how well is your perform


  • Cost: Total spending during a period
  • CTR (Click Through Rate) % = (clicks / impressions) * 100
  • Average CPC (Cost Per Click) = Cost / Clicks


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