COVID-19: I can help support your business in these exceptional times, by creating new websites or optimising exiting ones at affordable prices.

Theme Upgrade

Add more features to your website using the most recent technologies and trends in web design. I will upgrade your theme to use the latest technologies to improve:

  • Metainformation: I now manage Google SEO using a plugin, which makes the metainformation (Title and Description) easier to maintain, also adds better Schema and for metas for Socials > Better for Google SEO.
  • Sitemap: I now manage Google Sitemap using a plugin, this plugin will recreate your sitemap and connect it to Google and Bing every time you publish a new page or edit an old one > Better for Google and Bing SEO.
  • Logo: Your logo can now be converted to a vector > Logo will show better in retina displays and mobiles.
  • Banner: The top banner image now can fill the top menu background, all the horizontal space, can have some text on top, even a map in it and have fading borders > Modern design.
  • Photogallery: Update from Photogallery Fancybox version 2 to version 3 > Better responsiveness for mobiles + Adds the finger interaction “Swipe” in desktop and in mobile.
  • Uploads: When an image is uploaded, the max height is fixed to a maximum > Reduce downloading time in Photogalleries.
  • Video: Lazy load videos to get better performance speed.
  • Social media: Add ‘Share’ links for article pages and posts (This is different than ‘Follow’ links) > Good for Google SEO off page.
  • Forms: You can now add several different forms very easily in your website > Good for marketing purposes.
  • Framework: Update to last version of Bootstrap 3 framework > Solves bugs and for security issues.
  • Other: Other technical improvements are available that I would be happy to discuss in conjunction with any of your identified needs.