Theme Upgrade

Add more features to your website using the most recent technologies and trends in web design. I will upgrade your theme to use the latest technologies to improve:

  • Metainformation: I now manage Google SEO using a plugin, which makes the metainformation (Title and Description) easier to maintain, also adds better Schema and for metas for Socials > Better for Google SEO.
  • Sitemap: I now manage Google Sitemap using a plugin, this plugin will recreate your sitemap and connect it to Google and Bing every time you publish a new page or edit an old one > Better for Google and Bing SEO.
  • Logo: Your logo can now be converted to a vector > Logo will show better in retina displays and mobiles.
  • Banner: The top banner image now can fill the top menu background, all the horizontal space, can have some text on top, even a map in it and have fading borders > Modern design.
  • Photogallery: Update from Photogallery Fancybox version 2 to version 3 > Better responsiveness for mobiles + Adds the finger interaction “Swipe” in desktop and in mobile.
  • Uploads: When an image is uploaded, the max height is fixed to a maximum > Reduce downloading time in Photogalleries.
  • Video: Lazy load videos to get better performance speed.
  • Columns: Add columns to your main content area > Better interactivity.
  • Social media: Add ‘Share’ links for article pages and posts (This is different than ‘Follow’ links) > Good for Google SEO off page.
  • Forms: You can now add several different forms very easily in your website > Good for marketing purposes.
  • Framework: Update to version of Bootstrap 4 framework > Solves bugs and for security issues.
  • Footer: Add more information in your footer using columns > Better interactivity.
  • Other: Other technical improvements are available that I would be happy to discuss in conjunction with any of your identified needs.