My Approach and the way I work

  • My approach is to create websites that are technically well built, that is, they are optimised for Google SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), fast to download, responsive to all devices, easy to use, easy to update and prepared to grow in the future. To accomplish all of this I use a Theme created by me that is well optimised for all of this, then I adapt this Theme to the client’s needs and at the end I add the design.
  • The way I work is, I ask some initial questions to the client by email, telephone or using the website creation form. Then I create the project Brief and give a ballpark price, then if the Brief is approved by the client I create a functional mock up with my Theme and some basic design, at this moment I ask for half of the price. Then I start working and include the client in the entire creation process so while I build the website he/she contributes to the creation process and understands how the system works at the same time.