My Approach and the way I work

My approach

I create websites that are technically well built, that is, they well optimised for web and work in all scenarios.

  • All my websites are optimised for Google SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), fast to download, responsive to all devices, easy to use by your visitors, easy to update by you and easy to grow in the future.
  • All of my websites work on all scenarios: devices, platforms and browsers. I follow web standards so your website will be future proof.

To accomplish all of this I use a Theme created by me that is well optimised for all of this, then I adapt this Theme to the client’s needs and then I add the design.

Once the website is Live:

  • I will test your website in several online services to optimise your website for SEO, Performance, Responsiveness and Usability.
  • I will connect your Website to all the Google free services.

Here you can see examples of my work:

Examples of my work »

The way I work

  • I am good, efficient, responsive, reliable, very organised, fast and I listen to all your needs.
  • I am with you during the whole process helping you and focusing on making you and your clients happy.
  • I use Agile development where I involve the client in all the website creation process of: Discover > Plan > Build > Review.
  • While I build the website the client contributes to the creation process and understands how the system works at the same time.

Here you can see more information about me:

More information about me »

My Compromise

  • My job is not finished until you are completely satisfied with the final product.
  • I will teach you how to update your website.
  • I will be here for future modifications and to help you and guide you for long after the project has finished, so you are well covered for the future.

Here you can see reviews from my clients:

Reviews from my clients »

Drive and Ethics

  • Drive: I am a professional doing just my job correctly where my only drive, when I optimise or create your website, is to get you more traffic to your website and hence more possible clients.
  • Complexities: I have to follow very precise rules to meet the optimisation requirements for the big 6 (Google SEO, performance speed, mobile responsiveness, human usability, the ease of updating and the ease of growth in future).
  • Trust: I will always give you my best advices and I hope you trust more than 20 years of experience in web design and give me the benefit of the doubt when I make decisions.
  • Principles: Sometimes requirements go against basic principles of web design which are there for a reason, to make your website better for the big 6 and also because in some cases they can make the code more complex that could generate other problems in the future… A website is a live entity exposed to many events out there, present and future ones.
  • Ethics: My work of ethics does not allow me to make anything that goes against your website or your business. Sometimes when there is a fight in egos in place, I always say that the only important ego is the visitors one.
  • Design: Basing decisions mainly in design will decrease all my efforts to make your website optimised to make you get more clients. The design is really to show examples of your work, that is what really needs to stand out. Focusing so much on how a website looks nowadays is really something of the past… simplicity, minimalism and well optimised images of your work are the key to success.
  • Replications: I cannot replicate existing websites exactly as this is extremely complex, especially when the original website does not follow correct web design rules and also having in mind that I use a different theme with a different, more modern and better framework which ultimately you will benefit from. I can mimic websites up to a level though. I will also add many improvements that you didn’t ask me for. If the replication comes from an image, this requires the graphic designer to know about how responsiveness and frameworks work.