Website Creation Process

Once I receive the Website Creation Form information, I will contact you shortly to give you an estimate of time and price ballpark to create your new website, If you are happy with this, I will start by guiding you through the whole process:


  1. Provider: If you do not have a domain and hosting you will need to purchase them, you will also need an SSL certificate to have HTTPS security support if your website is an ecommerce online shop
  2. Access: I will need the FTP settings and the Control panel credentials, you can get them by emailing or calling your hosting provider or in the emails that they sent you or if you have a website, ask your web developer
  3. Backup: If you already have a website I will make a general Backup of your existing website


I use WordPress to create your website. WordPress has a CMS (Content Management System) called Admin area that you can use to update the contents of your website such as: Text in pages and blog and images.

  1. Check: I will check if your hosting meet all the requirements for WordPress: Linux (Operating System) + MySQL (Data Base) version 5.6 or greater + PHP (Server side programming Language) version 7.2 or greater
  2. Install: I will install WordPress in your hosting, if you have a website I will do this in a separate location so your current website will remain live. The new website will be hidden by a password while we are working on it


  1. Mock up: I will start by creating a functional mock up with all the pages and components using dummy contents > At this point normally I ask for 50% of the total price so we are professionally committed
  2. Contents: I will continue developing the website, involving you in the process, adding real contents, but do not worry, my job is not finished until you are completely satisfied with the final product
  3. Design: Once the website is fully functional with all contents, I can change colours, font types, font sizes, add backgrounds, rearrange components, sizes and positions until I meet your requirements
  4. Live: I will make the website live and I will connect it to the Google free services, then I will make some live tests and will refine the website > At this point I will ask you for the remaining 50% of the budget.
  5. Future: Minor changes are free, for big changes we will need to define again the Brief, Timing and Budget.

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