Website Creation Process


  • Let me know what you need: To create a project brief and give you an estimated price I need some basic information from you, you can provide me with this basic information by email or telephone or by filling this easy online form here: Website Creation Enquiry.
  • My approach and the way I work: I create websites that are technically well built, optimised for Googlle, fast, mobile responsive, easy to use, update and grow. To accomplish all of this I use a Theme created by me that I can adapt it to meet your needs. Once live I connect to Google free services. I will listen to your needs and I will work closely to you. My job is not finished until you are satisfied with your website and I will teach you how to update your website. You can see this information here: My Approach and the way I work.


  • Brief Document: Once I understand all your requirements, I will send you the document Brief with all of the specifications about Pages, Components, possible Logo, Benefits and an Estimated Price and Timing.
  • Hosting Provider: To create a new website we need to buy a Domain name ( and Hosting space (to store the website files in a server). It would also be good to add an SSL certificate (for security and for Google SEO) and maybe a branded email ( This is not included in the estimated price and needs to be bought separately in a hosting provider company, but I can help you with this.
  • Functional Mockup: If we can agree on an appropriate price, the next stage would be for me to create a functional mockup for you to review.


  • Functional Mockup creation: I will start by assembling a functional mockup for you with all the pages, subpages and components with dummy contents and a basic design. This will be my proposal for your website, Google friendly, fast to download, responsive to all devices, clean design and easy to use. Everything in this mockup is just a draft, still not final art at all. It is a structure working in all the devices.
  • Access: I will give you access to this functional mockup, so you can have an initial idea of my proposal.
  • 1st initial payment: If you are happy with this functional mockup, it is at this moment when I ask for half of the estimated price, so we are both professionally committed with this project, then the rest upon completion.


  • Hosting provider: In order to get access to the Control panel and FTP, I need your hosting provider client area credentials, this is the company that you pay for your hosting space. If you already have a website I need the Admin credentials so I can create a backup of the current website, these are the credentials that you use when you update your current website.
  • WordPress: WordPress is a system used by half of the websites in the world, WordPress provides all the tools needed to create a professional website and also to be able to update your website very easily. Then I will check if your hosting meets all the requirements for WordPress and I will install WordPress and needed plugins. If your hosting does not meet those requirements, we need to speak with your current hosting provider or choose a new hosting provider, I will help you with this.
  • Structure & Functionality: I will continue working in the mockup working on the Structure of the Templates for the different Pages and with the Website Structure of Pages, then I will add functionality for the special components such as Form and Photo Galleries.
  • Contents: I will continue developing the website, involving you in the process, adding real contents. I will let you now how to send me the text and images and how to name them.
  • Design: Once the website is fully functional with all contents, I will change colours, font types, font sizes, add backgrounds, rearrange components, sizes and positions until I meet your requirements.


  • Live: I will make the website live.
  • Online tests: I will do some live tests and will refine the website for: Google SEO + Performance speed + Mobile responsiveness.
  • Google free services: I will connect the website to the Google free services: Analytics + Search Console + Google My Business.
  • Socials: I will connect your website with your Social profiles (follow) and to the main Social platforms (share).
  • Access: I will let you know how to access the Admin area to change the contents of your website.
  • 2nd final payment: At this point I will ask you for the remaining 50% of the price.
  • Future: I will always be here in the future if you need me, for minor future changes it will be free of charge, otherwise we will need to define again the Brief.

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