Website Optimisation Process

  1. Initial Report: Once I receive the Website Optimisation Form information, I will generate an initial report for you
  2. Website Optimisation: I will ask you for some accesses, will do a backup and updates and I will start optimising your website and also see if your website is connected to the Google free services
  3. Final Report: Then I will send you a final optimisation report

The Initial Report: SEO, Performance, Devices and Usability

I Will do some tests on your existing website to generate a free Report using several third party online resources and my own expertise, focusing on these fields:

  • SEO: Discoverability by Search Engines to generate traffic
  • Performance: Download speed
  • Devices: Visualisation on all Devices
  • Usability: Use to navigate and interact by visitors

Once I finish the FREE Report, I will let you know my verdict on each field, focusing on the important key points. Then I will give you an estimate of time and price ballpark to optimise your existing website, If you are happy with this, I will start with the process of optimising your website.

The Website Optimisation: Backup, Updates, Optimisation and Google Services

Firstly I will ask you for the WordPress Admin area credentials, at this moment nobody should touch the Admin area while I work > At this point normally I ask for 50% of the total price so we are professionally committed. The first things that I would do are:

  1. Backup: I will do a general backup of your website and I will send it to you and will also keep it myself in case we need to revoke some changes.
  2. Updates: I will update WordPress core + Plugins + Themes.

I will see and learn how your system has been set up, specially for your current Theme and active Plugins and then I will start the process of optimisation based on the online tests and my own expertise. I also will see if your website is correctly connected to the Google free services.

The Final Report: Tests and Recommendations

I will make some live tests and will refine the website and I will send you a final optimisation report with all the changes and recommendations and a prove that your website has been correctly optimised > At this point I will ask you for the remaining 50% of the budget. For the future minor changes are free, for big changes we will need to define again the Brief, Timing and Budget.


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