Web Optimisation Brief

I can optimise your existing website to be easier to find by Google, faster to download, better on all devices and easier to use, please fill this form and I will give you an estimate of time and price ballpark to optimise your current website:

1. PROJECT: Please let me know what you want to achieve with your current website, let me know who are your main competitors and which are your concerns with your current website, for example: Google search, download speed, use in mobiles:

2. WEBSITE ADDRESS: Please let me know the URL of your website, for example: www.mywebsite.com. If you provide me with the FTP Settings and your CMS credentials (in WordPress, is the Admin area credentials) then the report is more accurate, but I can generate a good report without these credentials:

3. BUDGET: Roughly how much you would like to spend? I can adapt to your budget by giving you different levels of optimisation and prices:


What’s next:

I Will do some tests on your existing website to generate a FREE Report using several third party online resources and my own expertise, focusing on these fields:

  • SEO: Discoverability by Search Engines to generate traffic
  • Performance: Download speed
  • Devices: Visualisation on all Devices
  • Usability: Use to navigate and interact by visitors

Once I finish the FREE Report, I will let you know my verdict on each field, focusing on the important key points. Then I will let you know how much I will charge you and roughly how long it will take me to tackle as much as possible all the key points to optimise your website.

If you agree, then I will start working on your current website, for that, I will need have to make some changes in your website using the FTP Settings and your CMS credentials (if you use WordPress, I will need the Admin area credentials). Once I have these credentials I will be able to investigate more in deep your website and also see if all is correctly connected with all the free Google services:

  • Google Search Console: Submit and verify your website, Crawl sitemap and robots, Target country
  • Google Analytics: Connect your website to Analytics, Industry category, Test real time feed
  • Google+ Brand: Create and account and connect your website using the Publisher tag
  • Google My Business: Create an account to show in the Browser right knowledge panel

Before doing any modification I will make a general Backup of your existing website. When I finish I will send you a final report with all the changes and recommendations.

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