Website Creation Brief

I can create completely new websites that are Google friendly, fast to download, working correctly on all devices, easy to use, easy to update and easy to grow in the future. In order to give you an estimate of time and price ballpark to create your new website I need you to send me this information by email when you can:

  • PROJECT: Please define your business or project in your own words, what you want to achieve with the website, main purpose (Informative / Personal / Sell Offline / Sell Online Ecommerce…) and let me know who are your main competitors
  • PAGES: Please divide roughly the information that you want to show in your website into pages and also let me know roughly the components for each page: Text / Images / Form / Blog / Map / Calendar / Photo Gallery / Video / Subpages… For example:
    1. Home: Text and Images
    2. About: Text and Images
    3. Products: Subpages each one with Text and Images
    4. Galleries: Photo Galleries
    5. Contact: Form and Map
  • EXTRAS: Please let me know if you need a Logo to be designed / a website in different languages / to collect Mailings list to send a Newsletter… Also let me know if you need anything to be printed, like: Personal Cards / Flyer / Brochure…
  • TIMING: Roughly when would you like the website to go live on Internet?
  • BUDGET: Roughly how much you would like to spend? I can adapt to your budget by giving you different options and prices

Once I receive this information from you I will let you know a ballpark price and roughly how long it will take me to create your new website.

I can assure you that your new website will be very visible to Google, fast, responsive on all mobiles, easy to use, to update and to grow.

What’s next

If you are happy with the the ballpark price, then I will start with the process of creating your new website:


  1. Domain and Hosting: If you do not have a domain and hosting you will need to purchase these two products, you will also need an SSL certificate to have HTTPS security support if your website is an ecommerce online shop
    • Domain name is the name of your website (
    • Hosting space is a physical space in a server computer to upload the files needed for your website
  2. Access: You can get this information by emailing or calling your hosting provider or by looking in the emails that they sent you when you bought the hosting space or if you already have a website, you can ask your web developer:
    • I will need the FTP settings of your hosting space, to access the files of your website
    • I will need the credentials of the Control panel of your hosting space (or the credentials of your Hosting provider client area) to access the data base
  3. Backup: If you already have a website I will make a general Backup of your existing website


I use WordPress to create your website. WordPress has a CMS (Content Management System) called Admin area that you can use to update the contents of your website. In this Admin area you can manage all your website contents: Pages, Blog, Plugins, etc… WordPress is used by more than 30% of websites so there is a lot of help out there, I will make sure that you understand and learn all the relevant WordPress features or by helping myself or by giving you online sources.

  1. Check: I need to check if your hosting provider meet all the requirements for WordPress and other components. Linux (Operating System) + MySQL (Data Base) version 5.6 or greater + PHP (Server side programming Language) version 7.2 or greater
  2. Install: I will install WordPress in your hosting space, if you already have a website I will do this in a separate location so your current website will remain live while we work on the new one. The new website will remain hidden by a password while we are working on it


  1. Mock up: I will start by creating a functional mock up with all the pages and components using dummy contents > At this point normally I ask for 50% of the total price so we are professionally committed
  2. Contents: I will continue developing the website, involving you in the process, adding real contents until we are ready to finalise the website, but do not worry, my job is not finished until you are completely satisfied with the final product
  3. Design: Once the website is fully functional with all contents, I can change colours, font types and font sizes. I can add backgrounds, I can rearrange components, sizes and positions. I will customise this Theme to make it bespoke to meet all your requirements
  4. Live: I will make the website live and I will connect it to the Google free services, then I will make some live tests and will refine the website > At this point I will ask you for the remaining 50% of the budget.
  5. Future: Minor changes are free, for big changes we will need to define again the Brief, Timing and Budget.

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