A Well Created Website

  • Text contents: Separated from design and functionality, only with HTML format, without inline design, easily exportable (ie: XML), transportable to other systems
  • Image contents: All in a single place (folder), with correct image dimensions for all responsive scenarios, correct file format, correct compression, correct file names, correct alt tags, without upsampling (pixelation/blurry)
  • CMS system: Well stablished Contents Management System with good support and frequent updates (ie: WordPress)
  • Plugins functionality: Minimum active plugins, use only professional plugins, verify that on deactivation they do not break the website
  • Theme design: Well stablished framework (ie: Bootstrap), easy on owner updates, easily interchangeable, compatible with last code versions (ie: PHP)
  • Google SEO discoverability: Correct Search Engine Optimisation guidelines for text contents, meta information and links (internal and external), correct schema markup
  • Web performance speed: Minimum file size (minifications), Minimum Requests (combinations), Cache (server and browser), minimum active plugins
  • Device responsiveness: Correct visualisation on all devices and on  all orientations
  • Human usability: Easy to use and navigate by the website visitor
  • Updatability: Easy to update by the website owner
  • Scalability: Correct code standards, future proof, easy to update by the future developer
  • Maintenance: Backup frequently, have system updated, check security issues, check broken links

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