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  • Google is the world’s most popular search engine, where users search using keywords and get 2 result of listings:
    • Sponsor Listings: These appear either on top of the main listings or on right hand column. To be included in these listings you have to use Google Ads, which is a Google pay per click system, where you create your own ad. using a Google account.
    • Natural Listings: If you do not want to pay Google for a Sponsored Listing, you need to optimise your website by using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) so that your website appears below the Sponsored Listings among the Natural Listings. Optimising correctly your website should make your website appear high in the Natural Listings.
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What is SEO?

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of optimising your website so that the website should appear higher in the Google Natural Listings. This process is done by the web designer when your website is being created.
  • SEO Factors: Keywords + Contents + Links + Connect Google


  • Identify 2 sets of Keywords which your clients are most likely to use in Google to find your website (use also synonyms):
    • Theme words: Keywords that define your business, these are generic keywords so they are high competitive keywords, ie: web, design, graphic…
    • Niche words: Keywords that define what you offer and which differentiate you from your competitors, such as location, these are more specific keywords so they are less competitive keywords that narrow down a search, ie: London, affordable, responsive…
  • For each page use different combinations of these 2 sets of Keywords to create your Search phrases, and place them in:
    • Metatags: In your page <head> section (Visible only to Robots):
      • Title: List of words using your search phrases. Maximum: 65 characters (including spaces)
      • Description: A Paragraph using the search phrases. Maximum: 160 characters (including spaces)
    • Contents: In your page <body> section (visible to Robots and Humans)
      • Headings / Links / Image alt tags / Navigation / Folders / Filenames / Page names / Contents
  • Try to use if possible your search phrases or keywords in your Domain name, ie:


  • Use your search phrases in your text copy Contents (do not repeat too many times your search phrase, use synonyms instead)
  • Use Unique contents, not duplicated and not copied from others
  • Update your contents regularly
  • When possible use Text instead of Images
  • Use Image alt tags and place there your search phrases
  • Use your search phrases in bold and Italics
  • Create a Blog with relevant Articles to your business


  • Get Backlinks from related websites by Exchanging Links with them to get high PageRank
  • Get Quality of Backlinks, that is Backlinks from websites with high PageRank
  • Check that your internal and external links are not Broken Links
  • Promote your website via Social Media

Connect Google

  • Validate your website: Use XHTML / Use CSS / Don’t use Frames / Don’t use tables for structure / Don’t use font tags
  • Submit your website in Google and wait for Google Spider to find you… Patience!
  • Create your sitemap.xml and upload it to Google Search Console
  • Get statistics of your site by using Google Analytics
  • Check your pages downloading time
  • Create and upload these Web Special Files:
    • .htaccess: Contains the permanent 301 redirect to unify your website with and without “www” + Names the Error page + Redirects pages
    • sitemap.xml: File that lists the URLs for your website
    • robots.txt: File that lists files and folders that Google Spider should not crawl + Names the Sitemap
    • error-page.html: File containing the 404 error page message

SEO Utilities

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