Website features

These are the minimum requirements that you need when you create a new website and that I include when I create new websites:


  • Header:
    • Logo: Unique image logo that represent your business
    • Navigation: Easy to use and collapsible on mobiles
  • Main:
    • Banner: Good quality and catchy image
    • Contents: For your text copy, images, etc…
  • Footer: With secondary navigation + social follow buttons


  • Home: Explain in a nutshell what is your business about + add featured products
  • About: Explain more in extend about your business, your people and your history
  • Testimonial: Get client testimonials to build trust
  • Products: List of products or services, you can have the online shop here
  • Contact: Add a contact form + contact details (address, email, phones, hours) + maybe a map
  • Blog: With posts, each with an area to comment + social share buttons
  • Legal: A privacy policy page if you are collecting clients information (GDPR)
  • Search: Functionality to search in all the website
  • Sitemap: List of links of all of your pages and subpages

SEO (Search engine Optimisation)

  • Domain name: Get a domain name easy to remember and with important SEO keywords for your business in it > More on domain and hosting
  • Contents: Use different SEO keywords for each page > More on SEO keywords
    • Put in your main heading (h1 tag) your main SEO keywords for this page
    • Create quality text contents using your important SEO keywords
    • Upload images with SEO keywords in the file name and also use them in the alt tag > More on Images for web
    • Add internal links and call to action buttons to connect to other pages using SEO keywords
    • Add external links to external websites using SEO keywords > More on Exchange links
  • Performance: Make your website fast to download by reducing the number of files and file sizes > More on Web optimisation
  • Responsiveness: Make your website responsive to all devices > More on Responsive Web Design

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