WordPress client update

I have created this post for my clients, to help them update their WordPress website. These are all very important matters about the security and traffic related to your website, all issues are important, so if there is anything that you do not understand please do not hesitate to contact me.


  • Backup: Use a backup plugin to backup your Text content (database) and Images (uploads):
    • If plugin UpdraftPlus is active: Go to Settings > UpdraftPlus > Backup Now
    • If plugin BackUpWordPress is active: Go to Tools > Backups > Complete > Run now
    • If plugin BackWPup is active: Go to BackWPup > Jobs > Complete Backup > Run now
  • Updates: When the system requires updates (red alert ball with a number) update or attend the required component: WordPress core, Plugins, Themes, Comments…

Google SEO

SEO on page: For each page create a search phrase (using generic theme keywords and specific niche keywords) and use it everywhere in that page:

  • Text content: Put you search phrase in the Page name and Page main text
  • Meta information: Put you search phrase in the Title and Description:
    • If plugin The SEO Framework is active: They meta information is below the Page main text

SEO off  page: Get links to your website from websites related to your business by exchanging links with them, also from your Social media accounts and from Directories (Local directories and directories related to your Business)


When you upload images for your pages, posts and products:

  • Format: Use always JPG image file format for photos with a compression of around 60% and use PNG image file format only for logos with few colours
  • File name: Use human readable text with no special characters and hyphens instead of spaces for the image file name, ie: my-red-flower.jpg as this text will be used to generate the Title of the image and the Alt text tag
  • Alt text tag: Use human readable text for the image Alt text tag, located in the image text attributes
    • If plugin Format Media Titles is active OR you have a new version of the Theme: This is automatic (by reading the image File name)
  • Dimension: Use a maximum height dimension of an amount of fixed pixels, ie:750
    • If plugin Resize At Upload Plus is active: This is automatic


  • Speed: Keep your plugins to the minimum and avoid big images to get less than 1MB file size per page, check your page file size here: tools.pingdom.com
  • Broken Links: Check your broken links here: brokenlinkcheck.com
  • Site Health: check if WordPress is working fine: Go to Tools > Site Health

Google Services

Using your Google account:

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