Domain and Hosting

When you create a website you need to buy two components in a Provider company:

  • Domain name is the name of your website, ie:
  • Hosting space is a physical space in a server computer to upload the files needed for your website

And optionally you can also add:

  • Brand email: if you want to use for example (emails received in this account can be redirected to your existing email account)
  • HTTPS support: to give security to your website you need to buy and SSL certificate, necessary if you want an online shop and recommendable by Google for all websites

Provider Companies

  • Registrar company: Is the company where you buy the domain name
  • Hosting company: Is the company where you buy the hosting space

Most of the Registrar companies offer as well hosting space, so it is best to buy both products with the same company. I highly recommend:

  • Parkway for their great value and personal customer service OR
  • Godaddy is a big well known international company

When you buy your components keep all the login and passwords for (look in the welcome email):

  • Client area of the company where you bought the products
  • Control panel of the hosting space
  • FTP settings


When you buy a domain name:

  • Keywords: Choose a domain name with important search keywords for your business in it
  • Time: Google prefers domain names that have been registered for more than one year

When you buy your hosting space, ask for:

  • Operating System: Linux with Apache web server with mod_rewrite module
  • Server side programming language: PHP > WordPress recommends PHP version 7.4 or greater
  • Data Base: MySQL > WordPress recommends MySQL version 5.7 or greater

Please check here last requirements:

If you need HTTPS support ask for:

  • SSL certificate to have HTTPS security support. This is recommended by Google and WordPress and it is required if you create an ecommerce online shop.

Connect Domain to Hosting

  • Go to your Registrar company > Enter in your account > Select your Domain > Select NS (Name Servers) > Change them with the ones provided by your Webhosting company (look in the welcome email)
  • Your site will start working in 24 hours, may be sooner


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