Domain and Hosting

To create a website first you you need to buy 2 things: Domain name + Hosting space.

Domain name

  • Domain name is the name of your website, ie:, choose a domain name with important search keywords for your business in it
  • Registrar company: Is the company where you buy the Domain name
  • Registered time: Google prefers domain names that have been registered for more than one year

Hosting space

  • Hosting space is a physical space in a server computer to upload the files needed for your website
  • Hosting company: Is the company where you buy the Hosting space
  • Technical, when you buy your hosting space, ask for:
    • Operating System: Linux with Apache web server with mod_rewrite module
    • Server side programming language: PHP > WordPress recommends PHP version 7.3 or greater
    • Data Base: MySQL > WordPress recommends MySQL version 5.6 or greater
    • HTTPS support: You need an SSL certificate to have HTTPS security support. This is recommended by Google and WordPress and it is required if you create an ecommerce online shop.

Registrar and Hosting companies

  • Most of the Registrar companies offer as well Webhosting, so it is best to buy both products with the same company
  • For domain names, web hosting and professional email I highly recommend:
    • Parkway for their great value and personal customer service OR
    • Godaddy
  • Keep all the login and passwords for (look in the welcome email):
    • Client area of the company where you bought the products
    • Control panel of the hosting space
    • FTP settings

Connect Domain to Hosting

  • Go to your Registrar company > Enter in your account > Select your Domain > Select NS (Name Servers) > Change them with the ones provided by your Webhosting company (look in the welcome email)
  • Your site will start working in 24 hours, may be sooner


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