Exchange Links

Why exchange links?

  • Exchange Links make the Internet world go round

Inbound Links > Why is good to have links from other websites to your website

  • Get Traffic: Links drive traffic from other websites to your website
  • Get Indexed: Links help Google to find the content on your site to index that content
  • Get PageRank: The number and quality of links to your site help determine your PageRank (how important your website is for Google) and PageRank helps determine your rank for many search terms
  • Get a Theme: The text in the link should have keywords related to your business so Google can reaffirm the theme of your website
  • You can get inbound links by submitting your site to important web directories and by creating and sharing compelling tools and content with others in your industry

Outbound Links > Why is good to have links from my website to other websites

  • Behave: Google incents behavior that helps it deliver better results to its users and nothing is more important than links between related websites to make this happen
  • Use Keywords: Google uses your outbound links as a way to figure out what your site is about, so the text in the link should give information to Google to what the target page is about
  • To get inbound links from other websites the best way is by giving outbound links to other website, this is called links exchange

Links Exchange > Create reciprocal links from/to other website to/from my website

  • Reciprocal Links: When you have an inbound link from a website and you create an outbound link to that website, then you both have reciprocal links and the inbound link is then called back link

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  2. I never thought that linking on a website is so important and can improve my site and raise its position

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