Update correctly contents in your website


Website contents is mainly Text and Images. You can update your website contents using the CMS (Contents Management System) associated to your website, currently I am using WordPress.

  • Your Text must be Original, using correct Semantics and SEO Keywords
  • Your Images must be copyright free or your own, and you must upload your images with the correct Dimensions and Format


  • Original: Use your own original text, do not copy it from other resources or Google will penalize you. Make it relevant with at least 500 words per page and each page targeting for a search phrase
  • SEO Keywords: Identify 2 sets of Keywords (Theme and Niche) which your clients are most likely to use in Google to find your website, then create some search phrases using combinations of these keywords and use them in your text copy:
    • Theme words: Keywords that define your business, these are generic keywords so they are high competitive keywords
    • Niche words: Keywords that define what you offer and which differentiate you from your competitors, such as location, these are more specific keywords so they are less competitive keywords that narrow down a search
  • Semantics: Use semantics correctly, that is, each page must have a single Heading-1 and must be at the beginning of the text of that page. If you need more continuous subheadings, use Heading-2, Heading-3, etc … Use your search phrases in these headings.
  • Format: If you copy text from other sources (Word, etc …) verify that it comes with no format when you paste it into your website. If you need to change its format (paragraphs, bold, etc …) do it in the WordPress Admin area.

Edit a page in WordPress

  • Go to “www.yourwebsite.com/wp-admin” and enter user and password
  • Click on PAGES on the left Menu
  • Click on the PAGE-NAME that you want to edit (ie:Home)
    • Select the tab VISUAL
    • Modify the TEXT in the text area
    • Click on UPDATE button
  • Reload the PAGE-NAME (ie:Home) in your browser to see the changes


  • Source: Make your own photos or find them free of copyright or buy them:
  • Retouch: Keep the original image as it is (Original Master), if you need to make modifications, do them and save that master (Modified Master) as PSD or PNG-24 and generate the JPG or PNG image for web from this modified master and upload it to the website
  • Dimensions: Reduce the pixels dimensions of an image to the maximum dimensions that you want to be displayed in your website. My recommendations for my responsive WordPress theme for my clients are: Banners: 1140 pixels width / Main Contents: 750 pixels width / Sidebar: 360 pixels width / Gallery: 1050 pixels width and 700 pixels height
  • Formats:
    • JPG for photos with many colours, use a compression of around 60%
    • PNG-24 for images with transparencies
    • PNG-8 for images with only solid colours, such as logos and charts

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