Add WordPress text content

To add text copy to your WordPress pages and posts, when using the classic editor, follow these simple rules:


If you need to use headings to diferenciate sections, use consecutive and descendant headings starting with h2, like: h2, h3, h4… do not use h1 as this heading is already being used as the title of the page:


If you copy and paste text from other sources take care that the text does not have format when you paste it as the design result can be unpredictable.

Solution before pasting: Try to remove the format before pasting it OR use the Ctrl+Shift+V keyboard shortcut most commonly used to paste text as plain text OR click “Paste as text” button before pasting it:
Paste as text

Solution after pasting: If your already pasted a text with format, select the text and click on “Clear formatting” button:
Clear formatting


To create paragraphs, simply put the cursor at the end of a line and press the “Enter” key.


Do not add inline styles such as: font sizes or colours as this will change the consistence in design with other pages. Add only: Bold, Italics and Lists by selecting a piece of text and clicking on the appropiate button:


To add links to text, select a piece of text and click the “chain” button:
Link button


Try to avoid: center or right aligments:
Aligments buttons


Do not remove shortcodes between brakets such as: [buttons] [subpage] [rows]

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