One page website

One page website, is a new trend in web design, I tend not to use this approach and I do not recommend it and this is why. But if your website uses already this approach, find below how to optimise your SEO correctly.

Disadvantages of one page websites:

  • Loads all assets at once >>> Slower
  • Loads all contents in the same page >>> Less focus
  • Loads automatic scrolling >>> Slower
  • Normally add parallax images >>> Less focus + Slower
  • Long contents in one page >>> Too long for mobiles
  • All sections in one place >>> Need careful visual hierarchy
  • Not focused on one subject >>> Bad for SEO + Analytics more difficult

SEO recommendations for one page websites:

  • Create a Section for each keyword
  • Assign to each Section the ID named with that keyword
  • Inside each Section use one H1 heading using that keyword, then use one H2 heading
  • Use internal links using that ID
  • For images in that section, use the keywords in the file name and in the alt tag
  • For Analytics, use track per section


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