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What is a Mobile Web App?

  • A Mobile Web App is simply a website optimised for mobile devices that look like a Native Mobile App.
    • Mobile: Uses a Responsive Layout for providing an optimal experience for all mobile devices (phones/tablets) and orientations (landscape/portrait). Responsive means the use of fluid layout (widths in %) + flexible images + adaptative layout.
      >>> As opposed to Desktop that uses a fixed layout (set widths in pixels).
    • Web: As it is a website, it uses the same technology as a computer website (HTML, CSS, JS).
      >>> As opposed to Native which uses a special programming for each device OS platform.
    • App: App means some interactivity/functionality with the user.
      >>> As opposed to Presentation which just shows information.
  • Examples of Web Apps

Web App vs Native Mobile App

Web App Native Mobile App
Language One Website (HTML) for all Differents (ObjectiveC for iOS, Java for Android)
Installation No need Yes, Through an app store (Apple Store, Google Play)
Stored On Internet On the Device
Connection Needs Online normally Can work Offline
Speed Slower than Native Mobile App Faster than Web App
Device Features Limited access Complete access
Discoverable More discoverable on web Less discoverable on web
SEO Yes No
Maintenance / Cost Easy / Reasonable Complicated / Expensive
Approval / Fees No Yes
Universal accesibility Yes No


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