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To appear higher in its Google search lists, Google indexes your web pages using the text content copy in each web page. Images cannot be indexed but the text in image file names, images alt tags and image captions can be indexed.

Repeat all of these techniques for each page, being the most important one the home page:

Keywords and Search Phrases

  • Choose some Theme Keywords (generic words that define your business) and Choose some Niche Keywords (specific words that define what you offer and that differentiate youfrom others)
  • Think of Search Phrases that are most likely to be used by people to find your page. Use some Theme keywords and at least one Niche keyword. Each web page should focus on targeting one Main Search Phrase

Page Contents

Write your content copy with quality, relevant, original and update it regularly, do not copy text from other sources and own the text copyright. Each page needs its information to be different from other pages and. Each page needs a recommended amount of text of around 500 words per page.

  • Put your Main Search Phrase and use other search phrases and keywords on your page contents where possible in: Text Copy, Page title (heading h1), Secondary headings from heading h2 (in order), Links, Image file names, Image alt tags, Image captions (if you use them), URL of the page and in the Domain name (if possible)

Hidden Information

  • Ask your developer to put your Main Search Phrase and other search phrases and keywordsin the hidden Meta Information: Meta title: Separated list of words using your search phrases (max. 65 characters). Meta description: A Paragraph using the search phrases (max. 160 characters)

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