Google SEO on Page

Google indexes your web pages using the text copy in them, so to appear higher in its search lists, do this for Each Page, being the most important one the home page:

Keywords & Search Phrases:

  1. Choose some Theme Keywords (generic words that define your business):
    ie: web, website, design, designer, development, developer, optimisation, performance
  2. Choose some Niche Keywords (specific words that differentiate your business from others):
    ie: experienced, professional, affordable, inexpensive, freelance, freelancer, self-employed, responsive, trustable, good, Spanish, London
  3. Write your Search Phrases using some Theme keywords and at least one Niche keyword:
    ie: freelance web designer in London
    ie: professional web developer in London
    ie: affordable good web designer
    ie: find good web designer in London

When choosing your Search Phrases use Synonymous keywords, Low competition keywords, Long Tail keywords (use Google suggestions and predictions), Positive keywords, Location keywords and use Search Phrases that answer possible Questions.

Page Content:

  1. Put your Search Phrases in your Text Copy (write a good amount of text, around 500 words per page) and place your Search Phrases also in the First paragraph of the page, in Headings, in Links, in Image (names, alt tags and captions), in Page names and in the URL of the page
  2. Ask your developer to put your Search Phrases in the hidden Meta Information: Title and Description

Finally do not forget another very important part of SEO, called SEO off Page which basically consists in getting links to your website from websites related to your business.

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