Basic WordPress Website Maintenance

On your Admin area, go to:

  • Dashboard > Updates: If needed, update Plugins, Themes and WordPress to latest versions.
  • Tools > Site Health: Attend to critical issues and recommended improvements.
  • BackWPup > Jobs > Complete Backup > Run now: Wait until the backup is finished. (if you use another backup plugin look in the WordPress client update post in the Security Backup section.)

On your live Website:

  • Check for Broken Links to error pages.
  • Test your Contact Form and see if you receive the email message.
  • If you receive many Spam Emails we could add some protection to your contact form and to obfuscate your plain text email, but even so spammers could still find your email and send junk. You can also try adding some rules to your email client (Gmail/Hotmail) to send spam emails to spam folders automatically.

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