Basic WordPress Website Maintenance

On your Admin area (backend)

  • Go to Tools > Site Health: Attend any Critical issues and Recommended improvements.
  • Go to BackWPup > Jobs: Mouseover Complete Backup (click on Run now) > Wait until the backup is finished > When the Backup is done, it will appear listed in BackWPup > Backups, where you can download it locally and/or leave it on the server. (if you use another backup plugin look in the WordPress client update post in the Security Backup section.)
  • Go to Dashboard > Updates: Select and update all the elements that need to be updated, like: Plugins, Themes and WordPress core, to the latest versions.

On your Live Website (frontend)

  • Go to your website and check and amend the Broken Links to error pages. You can use:
  • Go to your website Contact Page and check that the contact form works correctly and see if you receive the email message.

On your Hosting Provider Website

  • Go to your Hosting Provider client area and check when your products: Domain name, Hosting space, SSL certificate and Brand email are going to expire and act accordingly.

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