Get more traffic to your website checklist

To get more traffic to your website, your website needs to be found by Google, that means that your website needs to have correct contents and also be fast to download. These are my main recommendations:

  1. Size: Use less than 1MB per page
  2. Requests: Use less than 50 requests per page
  3. Plugins: If you use WordPress, deactivate plugins to have less than 10 plugins
  4. Images: Use only PNG format for logos and JPG for photos + Use correct dimension + Use correct compression
  5. Contents: Use at least 600 words per page using your search phrases in your content copy
  6. Backlinks: Get backlinks from websites related to your business
  7. Social: Connect your website with Social Networking
  8. Hosting: Use a hosting company that offers fast connection
  9. Caching: Use Server caching + Use Browser caching
  10. Compression: Use GZIP compression in your file transfer

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