Google SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Google SEO on page:

  • Google indexation: To appear high in Google search list results, Google needs to index your pages correctly by understanding what your pages are about and the only way to achieve this is by reading the text copy in your pages, so pages with no text or few text will not be indexed correctly.
  • Search phrases: Ideally each page should target its own specific search phrases, being, the home page, the most important page of the website.
  • Content amount: The amount of recommended text is around 500 words, but some text is always better than no text, and some paragraphs are better than one paragraph, so do not stress with the amount of text, just have some text, this can be always modified in the future.
  • Content copy: Write the contents of each page using search phrases that you think your visitors will use to find your website. Each search phrase consists of 2 to 4 keywords. Mix theme keywords (generic) with at least one niche keyword (specific) when you create your search phrases. Write your content copy naturally (easy human readable). Also speak to your web developer about hidden meta information.

Google SEO off page:

  • Backlinks: Get backlinks to your website from other websites related to your business, and also link them back from your website.

Google SEO on page example:

For a freelance Web designer:

  1. Theme Keywords: Generic words
    web design, web development, website creation, website optimisation… (continue)
  2. Niche Keywords: Specific words, what you can offer and others don’t
    London, freelancer, quality, professional, speak Spanish… (continue)
  3. Search Phrases: theme keywords and at least 1 niche keyword:
    London web designer, professional web developer, Spanish speaker web designer… (continue)
  4. Content copy text for the home page:
    I am professional web designer and developer based in London, I create new professional websites and optimise existing ones, I speak English and Spanish… (continue)

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