Web design

Domain and Hosting

To create a website first you you need to buy 2 things: Domain name + Hosting space.

Domain name

  • Domain name is the name of your website, ie: www.whaever.com
  • Registrar company: Is the company where you buy the Domain name
  • Registered time: Google prefers domain names that have been registered for more than one year

Hosting space

  • Hosting space is a physical space in a server computer to upload the files needed for your website
  • Hosting company: Is the company where you buy the Hosting space
  • Technical, when you buy your hosting space, ask for:
    • Operating System: Linux (more reliable and cheaper than Windows)
    • Server side programming: PHP (free and cheaper)
    • Data Base: MySQL (free and open source database)

Registrar and Hosting companies

  • Most of the Registrar companies offer as well Webhosting, so it is best to buy both products with the same company
  • Companies: gversion.com (recommended) | godaddy.com | 123-reg.co.uk | fasthosts.co.uk | uk2.net | 1and1.co.uk
  • Keep all the login and passwords for (look in the welcome email):
    • Client area of the company where you bought the products
    • Control panel
    • FTP

Connect Domain to Hosting

  • Go to your Registrar company > Enter in your account > Select your Domain > Select NS (Name Servers) > Change them with the ones provided by your Webhosting company (look in the welcome email).
  • Your site will start working in 24 hours, may be sooner.

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